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For the last 44 years

Gospel Harvesters  International has been a "We Go To Them" 

evangelistic, church planting ministry that confronts people with a clear, understandable, presentation of the

gospel; bringing them to

a point of decision.

God led us back to India in 1990 and by 2002, the work evolved to where it is solely on the shoulders of national, Indigenous pastors and evangelists.  They have now planted 184 Harvesters Bible Churches and Worship Centers.


  Over the years, we have seen thousands come to Christ with their care placed with our local pastors and evangelists.

In 2002, Harvesters Training School began and evolved over the years to Harvesters Theological College & Seminary.  In 2005, The Father's Home for orphans began.  Look us over and then if you love missions, come and join us.



Urgent Need

Please pray about becoming a supporter of The Father's Home Orphanage in India.


We are the leading orphanage in our District with superior facilities.  Our children love their new home because they are getting their lives transformed daily. They have become our family, not "throwaways".

Because of inflation, it  now costs $100 per month to house, feed, clothe and educate each one.

Any portion of that would be greatly appreciated!


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