Mack Kearney is Founder and President of Gospel Harvesters International, based in Hurst, Texas.

GHI is a we go to them evangelistic, church planting, missionary organization that seeks to work with indigenous, national groups in order to see people come to Christ and be nurtured as they yield to Christ in their faith walk. They then arrange for their follow up care through the local churches in their countries.

GHI has field offices in India with 43 full time missionaries. Over the last thirty years, they have witnessed over 65,000 first time decisions for Christ every year.

In 2003, recognizing the need for properly trained pastors, they started what is now Harvesters Theological College and Seminary.

In 2005, they started The Father's Home Orphanage in India with 48 children, many of whom came from the Dec/2004 tsunami.

He and his wife Dottie lived in England and Germany for three years as missionaries. In addition, he has traveled extensively throughout the world preaching the gospel in some thirty-five different countries.


He was born in Memphis, TN, and after graduation from White Station High School, did studies at Memphis State University and London Bible College, London, England.

He and his wife Dottie have been blessed with six amazing children, fourteen more amazing grandchildren and nine unbelievable great-grandchildren. They live in Hurst, TX. and have attended North Richland Hills Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas for the last thirty-four years, where they serve when not out of the country.


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