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Gospel Harvesters International Mission newsflash - In Ghana, at this very moment one of our Evangelists and his team are in the midst of a 2-3 week well digging project which means 2,000+ people will not have to walk 2 1/2 miles for water anymore. They'll be doing door to door evangelism and showing the Passion of Christ around in the surrounding villages. There's a great chance another new church plant can be established, too! Pray for three things: 1) that God will open effectual doors for the Gospel to be preached; 2) for our team to remain strong and healthy; and 3) for another $4,000 to do another project there. This is what we do! Since 1990 we've planted 281 churches and reached into 15 unreached people's group in Ghana and India. Invest in us, we've been doing this for nearly 40 years.

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