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America has been blessed....

America has been blessed with the life and now the death of a dear friend, Billy Graham. His life was a gift to so many.

Dottie and I were blessed to have worked with him in 3 different crusades in America and England, 1978, 1985 & 1986.

I think we can all agree the Gospel has been preached on hundreds of networks throughout the world that reported his passing.

Let’s pray that those hearing those broadcasts will have their curiosities piqued to the extent they will begin to ask friends, “what’s all this noise about the Gospel”.

Anyone interested in developing the way they present the Gospel, should go to

and watch Kathy Lee Gifford present her testimony, until it becomes embedded in your mind and heart.

As always, we thank all of you who pray and give – we could not go forward every month without you!

Grace to you in measure….Mack and Dottie

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